Birding Trip around Ulaanbaatar

Trip Type: Bird watching tours
Duration: 8 days
Tour dates: 25 Aug – 03 Sep 2020
Availability: Available
Trip: Culture 15%, Birding 75%
Price: $1345
Other attractions: Erdene-Zuu Monastery, Bayanzag- Flaming Cliffs , Khongor Sand Dunes

Tour Itinerary

Day1. Ulaanbaatar | City Birding

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Meet your local guide and driver at Chinggis Khaan International airport and then transfer to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time, we can take a short city tour. Stay in hotel. /L, D/

Day 2. Terelj National Park | Khentii Mountain Range

The first birding day starts. After having breakfast let us heading to the north-east to Terelj NP, one of the best birding spots near the capital city. Siberian larch forests, magnificent rock formations, beautiful Terelj River and peaceful meadows make the park main tourist attraction. For birders, the park offers some of stunning species, if we are lucky enough might see Black-billed Capercaillie, Yellow-breasted Bunting and more bush birds. We will be birding here for a day accommodating in tourist ger/yurt camp where serve us full board of meals and modern facilities. /B, L, D/

Day 3-4. Gun Galuut Nature Reserve | Semi-steppe

Leave the park for Gun Galuut Nature Reserve in the morning. Drive for 2 hours to the nature reserve where the small lake named as Gun, the main birding spot, splendid White-naped Crane is seen here, and it might be the chance to find Siberian Crane, and more aquatic birds. River Kherlen, crosses through the NR, has its origin in the south slopes of the Khentii mountains, is one of the reasons to make this place an iconic habitat of mammals, including flock of white-tailed gazelle, fox and marmot. Beautiful Argali Wild Sheep might be seen while their watering time, but we cannot have guarantee to see them. We stay in tourist ger camp, fishing, camel, horse riding activities are available for the leisure, surrounding is very peaceful, perfect place for nature lovers and give them a good chance to stay relaxed. /B, L, D/

Day 5-6. Hustai National Park | Grassland Mountain steppe

Visit Hustain Nuruu NP, designated as reintroduction of Przewalski's Wild Horse (Equus przewalskii), which was once extinct in the wild comprises an area of mountain forest steppe, grassland steppe and river valley, located in a southwestern extension of the Khentii Mountains. The area is important for a variety of bird species during the breeding season and on migration, due to the diversity of habitats in a small area. To date, a total of 169 bird species have been recorded here. We stay in tourist ger camp at the entrance of the park. /B, L, D/

Day 7. Ulaanbaatar

Drive for 100km on paved road to arrive at capital city. On the way we can see some falcons, harriers and buzzards. In the city we give you a free time to explore city birds all meals are included. Have nice dinner and stay in hotel. /B, L, D/

Day 8. Departure

Transfer to the airport for the departure. /B/

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Bird Photography Trip to Gun Galuut Nature Reserve – East Mongolia - May 04, 2020

A 2-day bird photography trip into one of our favorite spots near Ulaanbaatar city, also an important birding destination in Mongolia, the Gun –Galuut Nature Reserve. The small area with about 20,000 hectares has diverse ecosystems, mountain, lakes, steppes and wetlands, a home to some of the rare species of birds, mammals and rich in flora.

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