New species of crane discovered in Mongolia (Black-necked Crane)

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A new crane species discovered in Mongolia by one of the renowned bird photographers Iderbat Enkhtaivan. The new species, Black-necked Crane (Grus nigricollis) - Хар хүзүүт Tогоруу, globally threatened species and registered as Mongolia’s 7th species of crane.

It was found on 13 th of June, 2020 by Mongolian birder, photographer Iderbat.E in Bulgan province, northern Mongolia, and the firstly recorded Black-necked crane might be registered in Mongolia as a Vagrant species.

The photographer said that, the black-necked crane was going close to the couple of Common cranes at the wetland. He saw the new crane on 13th of June during his 4 days of birding trip in north Mongolia. And the ornithologists predict that this Black-necked crane was lost its control and followed up the Common cranes during the migration and then landed in Mongolia with them. 

He also noted “It is my pleasure that Mongolia announced 2020 as “Year of the Crane”, and this special year, we officially added the total number of crane species in Mongolia which we have now 7 crane species of all world’s 15 species”. 

In addition, by the end of spring migration, we have been registered 3 new bird species in Mongolia.


Facts about Black-necked crane

NAME: Black-necked Crane (Grus nigricollis) - Хар хүзүүт  

IUCN STATUS: VU (Vulnarable)


HEIGHT: 115 cm, 4 ft

WEIGHT: 5.35 kg, ~ 12 lbs

THREATS: These birds are legally protected in China, India and Bhutan. However habitat modification, drying of lakes and agriculture are threats to the populations. In many areas, dogs belonging to herders are a major threat to young birds.

RANGE: Black-necked Crane breeding range includes the Himalayan Mountains, central China and northern India. Their wintering range includes parts of southern China and Bhutan, where they descend from higher elevations. 

Bird watchers have a chance to see the seven crane species in Mongolia during their Spring and Autumn migration in the destinations include national parks, natural reserves and some of remarkable wetlands of Mongolia.

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