Saker Falcon

Scientific name: Falco cherrug
Mongolian name: Идлэг шонхор
Order: Falconiformes
Bird family: Falconidae (Caracaras, falcons)
Conservation status: EN


Key information

The saker falcon (Falco cherrug) is a large species of falcon breeds from central Europe eastwards across Asia to Manchuria. BirdLife International categorises this bird as endangered, due to a rapid population decline, particularly on the central Asian breeding grounds.

Length : 45–57 cm

Wingspan: 97–126 cm

Weight : male 730–990 g, female 970–1300 g

Population : 12,200-29,800 individuals

Habitat: Favours arid and semi-arid habitats including grassland, steppe with scattered trees.

Diet: Mainly small mammals, particularly rodents and lagomorphs.