Rufous-throated Thrush

Scientific name: Turdus ruficollis
Mongolian name: Улаан гүеэт хөөндэй
Order: Passeriformes
Bird family: Turdidae (Thrushes, allies)
Conservation status: LC


Key information

The red-throated thrush (Turdus ruficollis) is a passerine bird in the thrush family, migratory Asian species. It is a large thrush with a plain grey back and reddish underwings. The adult male has a red throat. Females and young birds lack the bib, but have black-streaked underparts.

Length : 24–27 cm

Weight : 63-103 g

Population : The population trend is difficult to determine because of uncertainty over the impacts of habitat modification on population sizes.

Habitat: mainly Sshrubland, grassland, forest, artificial

Diet: Invertebrates and, mainly in autumn and winter, berries and some seeds