Demoiselle Crane

Scientific name: Anthropoides virgo
Mongolian name: Өвөгт Тогоруу
Order: Gruiformes
Bird family: Gruidae (Cranes)
Conservation status: LC


Key information

The demoiselle crane (Anthropoides virgo) is a species of crane found in central Eurasia, ranging from the Black Sea to Mongolia and North Eastern China. These cranes are migratory birds from western Eurasia will spend the winter in Africa whilst the birds from Asia, Mongolia and China will spend the winter in the Indian subcontinent.

Length : 85–100 cm (33.5–39.5 in) long and 76 cm (30 in) tall

Wingspan: 155–180 cm (61–71 in)

Weight : 2–3 kg (4.4–6.6 lb).

Population : The global population is estimated to number c.230,000-261,000 individuals; The overall population trend is increasing,

Habitat: lives in a variety of different environments, including desert areas and numerous types of grasslands (flooded, mountain, temperate and tropical grassland) which are often within a few hundred metres of streams or lakes)

Diet: Mainly seeds (especially of grasses) and other plant materials; also insects, especially beetles