Common Chaffinch

Scientific name: Fringilla coelebs
Mongolian name: Дуулгат бужирга
Order: Passeriformes
Bird family: Fringillidae (Siskins, crossbills, allies)
Conservation status: LC


Key information

The common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) is a common and widespread small passerine bird in the finch family. The male is brightly coloured with a blue-grey cap and rust-red underparts. The female is much duller in colouring, but both sexes have two contrasting white wing bars and white sides to the tail.

Length : 14–18 cm

Wingspan: 24.5–28.5 cm (9.6–11.2 in)

Weight : 17–29 g

Population : 500,000,000-799,999,999 individuals

Habitat: The chaffinch breeds in wooded areas and also often forage in open country in large flocks.

Diet: mainly eat seeds and other plant material that they find on the ground.